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All of our in-person and distance learning First Aid for Mental Health Courses offer regulated and accredited qualifications through regulated and internationally accredited qualifications These provide protection in the event of any incidents as they require rigorous assessment against a set of performances and objectives. It is for these reasons that anyone passing the Courses has met a recognised standard.

“There’s a balance between the duty of care of the employer to support the employee and the responsibility of the individual to manage their own health and wellbeing.”

(Jenn Fenwick, Rebel Road Coaching).


We are passionate about people's health and wellbeing. We have designed our suite of Mental Health Courses to equip learners with an awareness of mental health, and with the knowledge and skills to work with individuals with mental health problems.

"The irony is when our top priority is to take care of our people, our people will take care of the numbers. People-focused companies outperform numbers-focused companies over the long-term dramatically.”

(Simon Sinek, Author and celebrated Ted Talk speaker).


We collaborate with a range of Employers and Organisations to build resilience and achieve mental and physical wellbeing. With our training, you will become aware of how to manage and promote good mental health and wellbeing practices in the workplace - enabling you to keep your employees mentally & physically well in these challenging times.

“It might feel strange and useless to take a break whilst working from home. However, even just a 5- minute break every hour, perhaps to prepare a cup of tea or to get some healthy snacks, can help increase productivity and manage stress levels.” (GVZH Advocates, “World Health Day 2020”)


We understand how everyone is working today in a heightened state of action. Only rarely, do they have the tools to restore themselves to a state of calm focus required to be at their best in work and life



Creating positive change from within

We aspire to create positive wellbeing and promote good mental health practices in the Workplace.

Programs of our regulated and internationally accredited courses including First Aid for Mental Health, Mental Health for social care sectors and First Aid courses will help you build a resilient workplace - providing you with the skills to recognise early signs of mental health issues and to identify necessary resources available to help.


Some of the advantages of investing in positive  Mental Health in the Workplace extend to:

  • Reduction in absenteeism and increased focus in the work environment.

  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction and loyalty with reduced levels of employee turnover.

  • Increase in levels of production due to reduction in sick-days e.g. a survey from Lockheed Martin, correlated productivity losses with health problems such as migraines (4.9% loss), allergies (4.1% loss), asthma (5.2% loss), influenza (4.7% loss), and depression (7.6% loss).

  • Your health insurance costs will lower. Providing your employees with better healthcare may sound counter-intuitive at first. However, investing more money upfront will lead to less spending over time.

“Culture is what motivates and retains talented employees.”

(Betty Thompson)



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